Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Unknown Facts about Real Estate in India

There are many unknown facts about India Properties.In a country where there is traditionally the predominance of the agricultural sector, that sector continues to be greatest source of employment generation. It may be an unknown fact that the Indian real estate sector is the second greatest employment provider in the country. This sector significantly contributes to the national income and Gross Domestic Product and it is expected there will be an average 10% increase annually in these aspects. The recent slump in the property market in India consequent upon the global economic downturn is reported to be evening out and the industry is projected to register considerable growth in the coming years. The observation of the international property consultants Jones Lang LaSalle is significant in this context: “economic recovery during CY 2010-11 is likely to reinvigorate the interest of foreign investors in India’s real estate market. We expect enhanced capital inflow in the real estate sector in the medium-to-long-term”. Again, Jones Lang LaSalle says, the faster economic growth of the nations like India, China, Brazil and Russia will pay the way for faster recovery of the real estate sector in those countries when compared with countries like the US and the UK.